3. February 2017
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Two gamejams in two weeks

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1. January 2017
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And another year passed quickly.

This year was dominated by my computer science studies. I finished the last exams for my bachelor and wrote my bachelor thesis from august to december.

Next year I will use the free time between bachelor and master for an internship at Fluffy Fairy Games, where I will be learning Unity.

Happy new year!

Darkness & Lighting

Darkness & Lighting teaser image

I’m currently busy working on my bachelor thesis. But for my exam at the TECO I needed to write a game for the Connection Machine.

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1. January 2016
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And again a year has passed. Each year time flies by a little faster. So the time has come to get sentimental and think about the stuff I’ve done this year.

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Ludum Dare 34

rising bubble
I took part in Ludum Dare again and this is my result.

raw | space

ingame screenshot

Last week I created raw | space for the js13kGames competition. That means a zip file containing the minified JavaScript code and all assets has to be less than 13kB big.

It turned out to be a multiplayer space war game inspired by the mechanics from Konquest. All players play in the same universe, so there are “Rubberband mechanics” in place to ensure that new joining players still have a chance to become the master of the universe and get an entry in the hall of fame.

You can play the game here: http://js13kgames.com/entries/raw-space
Remember to click those social buttons if you enjoyed playing it.

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6. January 2015
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2014 is already over. I wrote a total of three blog entries this year.

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libGDX 1.0


Just now libGDX 1.0 was released. badlogic wrote a long blogpost about the history of libGDX.

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22. January 2014
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new design

We judge ourselves. everyday. In that process I thought again about how ugly the old design of my homepage was and how much better I was capable of doing.

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9. January 2014
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Somewhat late here is now my review of 2013.

The beginning of 2013 was filled with Abitur-stress.
In February there were pre-abitur tests which already took the time of the normal abitur-exams and scared all of us a little.

In March I had a last day in school and from that day on we were supposed to learn all the things for the Abitur. Sometimes I did that, but the most time I worked on a 2D-adventure game that maybe will be finished one day… when I have enough time.

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